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When I said that I’ll spend my summer in New York, one of the things people have given to me is « New York is pretty hot on Summer ». Yep, it’s kind of hot but not as much as in Turkey where I’ve already been several times. When it comes that it’s too hot, you may enter public places really cool but as for me they are unfortunately too much coldy. Air Climate is a way of life here. At the supermarket, in the metro, when you’re in restaurant, at the library, it’s everywhere. In order to not enjoy life as a Miss Freeze, I’m having my pashmina in my purse and I fight cold thanks to that piece. I’m probably the only single person to do that in the area. I’m writing this from the public library and I can tell that I’m so cold, I have headakes.

But it’s New York so I’m taking that on the bright side. I’m just noticing that’s it’s one of the cultural gaps that has astonished me such as the high level quality of service you have here and the unfortunate no-recycling policy. These are things I have noticed since I arrived on Saturday, July, 31st.

I spent a quite no-sightseeing day on Monday coz I’d time with my friends chatting and I had to update the blog live from Starbucks Cafe. That’s so silly when you know how much there are things to see around here. But, I definitely want to have the time to live without clockrunning and then writing for this blog is a huge part of the aim ot this stay. Maybe, it’s difficult for people to figure it out but I dont’ want to spend the time running from one museum to an other sightseeing place. Coming to New York is also a way to discover the American way of life.


Champs-Elysées vs Times Square : 0-0

I felt really guilty to left the flat at 5 :00 PM. Being rid of this tempting computer, I took the metro. I did not know where my journey will end. And then, I decided to enjoy the marvellous sightseeing of Times Square. I’ve seen reports on New York and I knew that this part of the city is definitely not for me. But this was something I need to see so I must go. Poor girl, emh.. ?

Facing Times Square as something unlikable is silly I know… ! But as for people who like me are not keen on areas which look like as Champs-Elysées, full of bunch of tourists, sellers, maybe you will be agree with me… I spent the evening with my neighbours and I gave them my thought about what Times Square looks to me. I’ve given my thought carefully coz they’re all working in a restaurant based in Times Square. Lucaya travels a lot, she spent two days in Paris. To her, using the Champs-Elysées analogy seemed fair.

It’s great to see all those lights turned on, this giant plasma on buildings but that’s not the kind of things I’m keen on. But, I uploaded two videos in order to let you enjoy the maybe so-called magicness of Times Square. I can say now that I’ll be happy to see those in several months…

An American evening

Once I have done that sightseeing, I came back home. The neighbours asked me to join hem for an outside moovie in the Park. As we walked, they said to me the release tonight was West Side Story. We were seeing Queens Bridge from the Park, a more New York moment cannot be existing as for now… In a grocery, Caroline helped me to buy what most American snacks people are having for the moovies. I buy Raisinets, some grappes with a milk chocolate topping. That’s way too much sugar for myself but at least I’d have discovered something new.

In the Park, we’ve been said that’s the movie is not gonna happen. But we are eight chatty girls so we might have some fun. The girls introduced me to their friends as the French girl living beside them who gonna spent the month in New York. They seemed happy to introduce me. So do I ! I wanted to meet people, now I’m a happy few ! We’re talking about what I’m doing here. I tell them that I wish to live as an American woman here, not as a tourist. Doing something young peoples are doing, karaoke, beach, disco. I wish also to see a musical. Well, I’m very lucky coz Maggie, Erin and Christina are working in that field. Some of them have already been on a tour show and I have no doubt about the bright future of every of them. I will see a really carefully chosen musical which will not be the one every French people are seing when they’re visiting New York. Thank you girls.

Maggie, Caroline and Anna are living on the next floor. They arrived in New York like six months ago. They still have things to discover. They said to me we might be able to sightsee with me like going to the Ellis Island Museum or in Central Park. I’ll be happy to have them next to me and that they show their favorite places in New York.

Coming back home, Caroline asks me to speak French. Anna and her, are the ones who fancy speaking French. Caroline learnt French when she was in Highschool. She speaks a quite good French with that exquise accent that I love. We go to the girl’s to have a drink and by now I feel really American.

I’m now having this American evening I dreamt about like an average Amercican young people. As for me, it values the Rockfeller and Chrysler Buildings from the city… Tonight, I’ve heard lots of things that has surprised me. As for now, I can’t figure out what was those things. I hope those will come back in my mind but unfortunately 36 hours have passed since I lived that moment. Aim of the next days : no more than 24 hours to write things I’ve experienced. Tonight, the girls are coming home to share a drink. This will be an other great American evening.

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