First sightseeing in Manhattan: so wow – AAAD #02

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This chaotic travel ended Saturday evening at 8 :00 when I reach my final fully deserved destination aka my bed. I was lucky to go to bed at night, after flying. It helped me to not too much suffered from the jet-lag you feel even if you arrived since a couple of days. I’m writing this on Tuesday, August, 3rd because my Internet acces is shut down for a while and I can assume by now that I’m not jet-lagged. My tireness of the moment is because of the difficulties to sleep I experienced before coming. Still, I’m awake everyday at 3 :00 AM, that’s 9 :00 PM in France. Your mind maybe so adaptable, the body did not forget about his own schedules.

First steps in New York

My first day in New York was a Sunday. Since, I’m here, I’m having a new look about American culture which I know probably nothing about. I oftenly trying to figure it out about what an American would think about the Parisian way of life and on a Sunday Parisian way of life for example. I just presume he would have a cultural shock. How the Baker’s can be closed ? And about the pharmacy, how one can possibly make up to his mind that there might be a pharmacy in the neighbourhood that is opened but since it’s some keeping-opened service, there’s no clue to find which of the pharmacy is opened on this particuliar Sunday. In New York, pharmacy opens everyday, 24 hours a day. And you can’t only reach medecines, you’re also able to find cosmetics, food and even a machine to print your pix.

I travelled by myself in Italy and in Spain and even if I did not live in a flat, I was always going into supermarkets. It helps you to find out how people are living their everyday life. Here, medecines are reachable, you add them to your basket like of a box of flour. After this need for food and cosmetics done, I went to grasp Manhattan.

I bought my metro pass for a month. It seems to me really fragile. It’s a very slim shit of paper with a magnetic band. I payed 89 $ to have the illimitated access to metro, well that’s fair. It’s about the same price for a Parisian metro pass.

There’s something in my life I must be ashamed but I can’t really manage it : I’m a fully Internet dependent woman. I can enjoy life without a Wi-Fi access but that’s only if I’m far away from the crazyness of a city and that the times stop because I’m enjoying life through Nature and birds singing. But this cannot occurs in my everyday life even if I’m really far away from home. So I assume that having an I-Touch which can be connected to Wi-Fi seemed a great idea. Aim : going to the Apple Store on 5th Avenue. In the train, I speak to Rob who has a really beautiful longboard (cf pictures in the slideshow AAAD #2). He says to me that ‘s it’s less difficult that I can imagine so we plan that he’ll show me. The chatting made me miss my station and that has be a chance. For the record : next time I want to go somewhere, get down in the neighbourhood but not in the right place to enjoy fully the area.

I assume Manhattan just kissed me

If I had been getting down at 5th Avenue / 59th Street, I must not had this feeling that everything were giant coz the metro station is next to Central Park. The first thing I saw about Manhattan was the 7th Avenue. The narrowness of the streets, the yellow cab from my New York cliches, the highness of the buildings, I’ve seen all of these in an amount of three seconds.  I presume that I’ve never experienced that feeling, even in Venice, Italy, which was one of the most beautiful travel that I had the chance to have… I was so mooved, my stomach was upside down, tears about to fall. I felt a little bit ridiculous, I dit not get what was occuring to me. Maybe it’s about the fact that I’d be waiting for this moment since so much time, since I’m ten exactly.

Once again, I try to think about how an American would be able to visit Rome or Paris. Indeed, when you’re used to a square ericted city, where every streets are symetrical, when streets are named in fonction of the direction, how could you possibly orientate yourself in a city build like Paris or Roma.. ? As for Venice, Italy, being lost that’s the thing about the Doge cité. So going to the 5th Avenue has been a piece of cake to me. I just crossed some streets and then I find a place crowded with tourists, and heard French every ten metters.

When I’m travelling by myself, I try to live as a citizen. I prefer Birkenstocks to baskets, purse to a big bag and the travel guide stays at home. I do not want to be a tourist girl. And since I’m not speaking to someone, one’s cannot notice hearing me that I’m here for sightseeing.

At the Apple Store, I notice that the entrance was similar to ones’s in Louvre which is also in a basement that one’s access helped by a turning stair. And like the Louvre, when you’re on the street, you can see because of the glasses what occurs in the shop. My friends said to me this will be fully crowdy because of the Sunday. But, I was lucky, I was helped by Michelle who answered very well my questions. She gave me attention, something in France, customers are not enough feeling in my point of view (Alexis, this line is for you).

Then Michelle waited for me to choose the right protection for my new purchase. I was a bit desperate to see the waiting lines but as I was paying with my Visa card, she took my payement scanning the things with her I-Touch. Marvellous technology, I’ve loved that ! The ticket will be sent to me by e-mail. I said to Michelle « I’m so excited about this. I might be a shoe-lover but not as much as I’m a technology-lover ». She answered : « And then, this will last you more than shoes and at least, you won’t be injured ! ». I’ve loved my visit to the Apple Store. Thanks Michelle, thank you for the time you gave me in that crowdy afternoon.

I was a bit tired, it was seven and I have been said that it’s not a good thing to be alone at night in New York. But, Central Park was asking me to come, it was so next to the Apple Store. I’ve enjoyed breakdancers (cf Video AAAD #02) and I entered the Park. It’s like the pictures I’ve seen, the skyscrappers are fully above the Park. There’s even a small fair. My neighbour Caroline said to me to have one day long in Central Park. There’s so many things to see. We might go together and rent some bikes to enjoy the Park.

I’ve seen gigs in front of which there were people that decides to leave shyness in the closet (cf Video AAAD #02), some joggers that were dancing, having a break into their running. The threes are really beautiful and I’ve crossed oftenly some little lakes and some hills made by huge stones. But the day was falling down so I stepped to the gate.

I had a really great experience today : 5th Avenue, Central Park and a stop by the Apple Store, some classics. Tomorrow, we’ll see, I might be mooved by some other things I want to do at the moment. That’s what is good about staying one month in a place : you dont’ have to run the clock. Time is money, that’s true but sometimes we’re not enough aware about how having time is a great value.

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  1. I’m impressed!!! Really informative blog post here my friend. I just wanted to comment & say keep up the quality work. I’ve bookmarked your blog just now and I’ll be back to read more in the future my friend! Also nice colors on the layout it goes well with the blog in my humble opinion 🙂

  2. hi there!
    merci pour ton témoignage, c’est toujours chouette de ressentir l’excitation provoquée par NY 🙂
    pour ce qui est de NY by night, on t’a raconté des bêtises, j’ai arpenté ses rues à toutes heures de la nuit sans jamais rencontrer aucun problème (après, je ne sais pas non plus ou tu vis…), alors ne te prives pas de ces moments là!!

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